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Emergency Water Removal/Flood Restoration

EnviroCleaning Solutions also offers Flood and Water Damages Services. You may think that your carpet will just dry on its own but as your carpet is drying on its own it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. We concentrate on safely drying, disinfecting and deodorizing so that your life can return to normal as soon as possible.

We use a truck mounted water removal system which allows for high powered continuous pumping of high water. We use moisture detectors and other meters to measure the extent of moisture saturation. Once the area is determined to be free of moisture the necessary repairs can begin.

Our drying equipments consists of industry grade dehumidifiers and high speed air movers. If a water problem is treated quickly it can prevent mold damage, mildew and various types of bacteria that are present in standing water, your carpet and padding. We will work with any insurance company to help make your claim process easier for you.

Fans For Drying